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Libellules is the culmination of a project carried out by Christian Lutz during an artist in residency program granted to him by the BAL – Biennale des Arts Contemporains aux Libellules.  

In 2013, the photographer settles into the Libellules apartment complex on the outskirts of Geneva and shoots a series of images that reflect both the intimate and divided nature of sprawling low-income housing unit. The result is a series of images that reflect fleeting poetic impressions of human solitude that seamlessly weave into the majestic natural and industrial backdrop of the compound.
Libellules was co-edited with the BAL and produced with the contributions of Michèle Freiburghaus-Lens, Luca Pattaroni and Eva Cousido.

Publisher: Héros-Limite (2015)
68 pages
Size: 21 x 28 cm